This website is designed to provide information about Diabetes from the point of view of a Diabetic. My name is Meredith and I was diagnosed with Juvenile, or Type I, Diabetes at age eleven. Once I learned that I had Diabetes I followed my doctors’ instructions on taking medications, and nutritionists’ protocol for my diet. There wasn’t an internet chock-full of information on Diabetes at that time, and it seemed as if many books that I had found were out of date anyway. Therefore, I relied fully on my doctors to advise me for proper treatment.

I know there has been much research since that time twenty years ago, but I still believe there was a common sense factor that was left out during the course of my treatment- telling me that my body could not break down carbohydrates properly and they should be avoided.  What I believe is the best treatment today is very different from what I did as a kid, or what I was told to do. This comes from my recent findings on living a healthier, happier life with Diabetes.

I believe that our bodies were built to be able to repair themselves, so long as they have the proper ingredients: nutrition, vitamins, exercise, sleep, and minimal stress. With all of these elements in place it allows our bodies to do what they are supposed to do, like properly digesting foods and repairing damaged areas when necessary.  The body will do its best to work with what you feed it; the higher quality food and supplements, the more efficient the body will be. On the other hand if our foods are loaded with preservatives and sugars, it will take some energy to divert damaging toxins and excess calories. Unfortunately these excess things usually wind up in fat cells, and whatever energy is leftover is what we have to work with.  Eating healthier provides more energy.

My approach is to try to treat any ailment or disease as naturally as possible. For me this means eating properly to avoid needing excess insulin, using natural thyroid medicine, buying as many organic foods as I can afford, and using natural supplements to support my immunity. I will highlight some of these products and foods that have worked well for me.

No one is perfect, I certainly am not. I consider myself to be a work in progress, learning more every day. If I can help others do the same to live a better more enjoyable life, that makes me happy.

I am not a doctor and I do not wish to advise anyone as such. I am a Diabetic patient who wishes to share her experiences and offer suggestions based on good results.