Diet is a very sensitive subject for many people. In most cultures that I know, they celebrate many occasions with food, and if you live in America, all occasions are celebrated with food. We need it to live, provide us nutrients, and possibly set a stage for celebration.  It is very important not to “celebrate” everyday, especially if you are a Diabetic, or have a Diabetic child.  But, we still should enjoy our meals that we share with friends and family.

Every individual has different dietary needs. The focus here is on a Diabetic diet, or those who cannot properly break down carbohydrates. This is the essential problem that Diabetics have: inability to break down and use carbohydrates for energy. This simple fact is the common sense that I believe my doctors ignored when I was a child.  Why would you suggest that I eat enormous amounts of bread, rice, and pasta if my body cannot use them without the help of additional medicine? For me this was always insulin. The more bread, or rice (my favorite growing up) that I would eat, the more insulin I would need, or the higher my blood sugar would run.  As a kid I took the same amount of insulin every day regardless of what I ate. Of course, I was supposed to eat exactly the same ratio of carbs, protein, and fats everyday, but it was different at every meal.  This resulted in frequent high blood sugars.

My experience tells me that a proper diet should not be primarily composed of carbohydrates, or even half carbohydrates. A Diabetic diet should consist of many vegetables, some protein, and some fruits. As I mentioned earlier this may be different for everyone, but I believe this will give a person the best results in treating Diabetes.