Honestly, Does the HCG Diet Really Work?




Does this HCG diet work?

Yes, and better than any other diet I have tried! And I am not a cheater, I stick to my diet protocols.


Will I gain weight after using the HCG diet?

Possibly, everyone is different. The biggest challenge is working your metabolism back up so it is burning more calories again. One promising thought here is that you won’t need to burn as many calories as you did before in order to maintain your weight, since you weigh less. But being on a 500 calorie diet for any length of time can seriously slow down the burn! It is difficult not to indulge completely after you finish your program, but it is imperative to slowly add back foods that were removed from your diet, and slowly increase your calories. All while increasing your activity level to enhance your calorie burning furnace.


Did I gain weight after following the HCG diet?

Yes, I did. As you may know I have a few challenging factors that weigh-in on my weight loss. One, being Diabetic insulin dependent. I don’t think this is an excuse for being overweight, but it does make it hard to lose. Two, having an under-active thyroid slows down metabolism, and seems to be affected when coming off the hCG.

Last year I had gained weight after reaching my near goal (only 2 pounds away), and later discovered I needed more thyroid medication. I also was not as careful about re-introducing foods that were removed during the diet. This year, however, I have been extremely careful with more knowledge and experience behind me, I thought I had it covered and knew exactly how not to gain back the pounds I worked so hard to take off- again.

It started in my thighs. I was ecstatic to rid my legs of the chub-rub, especially since I exercise and walk a lot. During my last week on the hCG, I bought some new workout clothes, shorts in particular, to sweat it out on the boardwalk. Only three weeks later, the new shorts that fit so well were begining to squeeze in the wrong places, and ride-up in between my thighs…UGGH! WHY? WHY? WHY?

I was noticing my inches increasing while my weight stayed pretty much the same. No different from the last day I weighed in at my doc’s office. I wasn’t eating more carbs, I wasn’t cooking with fats, I was only eating minimal cheese or nuts, and sticking with lean meats. And I was working out more. No these extra inches are not muscle, I’m grabbing the loose stuff, and I don’t think love handles are added muscle, at least not in this case. So what is happening here? Forward two weeks, here come the pounds on the scale. :(

I am still struggling to figure out why my body rebels against sexy, thin and healthy. I eat right, exercise, cook well, get lots of sleep, not high stress, love my husband and both our families. I still feel like there is a missing ingredient. I will continue to search…


What changes have I made because of the HCG diet?

1- I no longer eat starches on a regular basis. I try to limit this to bread if I go out to dinner (and only if I am super hungry and can’t wait for my meal), and maybe dessert once a week. This may be different for those of you who are not Diabetic, but the fact is that my body cannot break down the sugars and use them without additional medication. And I know that the less insulin I use, the easier it is to lose weight, or maintain at least. I used to cook brown rice all the time, and I was so excited when I discovered quinoa, having more protein than any other grain. The bottom line is that I can’t use all its benefits the way a non-diabetic can, and why put all that additional stress on my body, when it could be doing other things like building up the biceps that I have been working on so hard.

2- I do not cook with oils like I used to. I find that I really don’t need to, and I actually feel better when I cook with either water or veggie, or chicken broth. The broth adds so much flavor. I don’t get that “crisp” on the food that oil usually gives, but I leave this out so I can really enjoy it when I go out to eat. I don’t even use oil on my salad any more. I’ve come to really like it with just lemon or vinegar and spices.

3- In the summer I usually go to town with ice-cream. We have some great homemade ice cream places by us the the Jersey Shore, which is very tempting. It is almost the end of the season for these places that temp our waistlines just 3 months a year, and I have only indulged thrice: twice when we were entertaining- don’t you have to take your guests out for a good dessert?!

4- I don’t eat nearly as much food as I used to. I realize that I DO NOT NEED IT! I love to snack and eat throughout the day, but if I’m not hungry I don’t eat (another benefit I love about using an insulin pump). I can go without breakfast, it seems to be the easiest meal for me to skip, probably because I spend most of my morning exercising. If I can get through without it I will, but I always make sure I have enough protein, especially after weight lifting, and I will eat for sure if my blood sugar is low. All my portion sizes are smaller because I keep reading more and more about how much healthier people are who eat less.

Would I recommend this diet to others?

Absolutely! I think it is unrealistic to think that you will go from eating 500 calories to what ever your daily recommendation, say about 1500, and not gain any weight . HCG seems to really slim the body and make it lean, but I gained inches only shortly after stopping the hormone injections, and following the same diet, just a few more calories. I kind-of came back to normal- my physique is naturally more rounded, and muscular, and no diet will change that.  It is frustrating for me, but I don’t think that should discourage anyone because overall this diet has been a success for me, and many of my family members and friends. It really helps to get the ball rolling, you just have to maintain the momentum, even when you’re going up a hill.


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