What’s the best way to test your blood sugar?

It is important to pay attention to how your body feels. Make sure to take note of what it feels like to have a normal blood sugar, high blood sugar, and low blood sugar. This will help you to determine where you are without having to prick your finger every hour.

When I was taught how to do a blood sugar test, my nurse, who was also Diabetic, told me to use the sides of my fingertips. This will help to prevent damage to the pads of the fingertips by reducing scare tissue and  helping to maintain the integrity and ability to feel.  Because there can be so much nerve damage with a Diabetic, it is imperative to retain as much feeling as you can in every part of your body.

How do you know you are pricking in the right place?

Place the area of the finger to be pricked directly in front of you. You should have a sort-of profile view of your finger tip. Your palm should not be facing you when you prick your finger.  Do not go as far to the side as the cuticle around your nail, but just below that.  The pads of the finger tips are the meaty parts. Some bruising may occur from testing, but this will be less problematic if this is on the sides. Click here to see the step-by-step process on how to test your blood sugar.

This differs for every individual. I personally test my BS anywhere from 3 to 6 times per day. I usually have a good idea of where the number is going to be, based on how I feel. Times when you should test your BS ALWAYS are:

  • Before going to bed
  • Before driving a car
  • Before exercise

These are all times when having a BS too high or too low could cause serious injury, not just to you but possibly others as well.  I always recommend keeping some glucose tablets with you.

Another place that I have tested was my forearm. I used a glucose meter that recommended this as an alternative to your finger. It worked but I found that I bruised very easily on my arms, and I looked like I was getting beat up. I gave that up and have stuck with my fingers ever since.