Testing Blood Sugar

The following is a step-by-step process on how to test your Blood sugar:

1. Set-up- make sure you have all your supplies: glucose monitor, lancing device, lancet, alcohol/antiseptic wipe

2. Choose a finger to test. Use the sides of your fingers as opposed to the front pads where you touch everything. This will allow your fingers to heal better, and not hurt as much.

3. Open alcohol or antiseptic wipe, and wipe area to be tested.


4. Dry your finger by wiping with a dry towel or napkin, or waving to air dry.







5. Place test strip into your glucose monitor.

6. Put a new lancet into your lancing device.

7. When the meter is ready, prick your finger (note lancet will enter the side of finger).







8. Squeeze your finger from base to tip to release a small amount of blood (you don’t need much).

9. Apply blood drop to test strip where it absorbs the blood.

A few things to note:

  • You can use a lancet more than once, but it should always feel comfortable. If the needle is too dull, you will experience more pain.
  • You can create patterns alternating your fingers. For example, start with your pinky and use the outside of the finger then move to the outside of the ring finger, and so on. Or do both pinkies first then move to both ring fingers. I find this easier than a constant random so as not to overdo one finger too much.