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After more than 20 years with my sister-friend Diabetes, I decided to attend  a local support group meeting last night. I am happy to announce that it was quite a pleasant experience, and I would recommend it to everyone out there- whether you have Diabetes, have a loved one with Diabetes, or wish to discuss things with any other group that connects with your life. You may walk away with more knowledge than you went with, and maybe a new friend or two.

I have had my prejudices in the past about going to a group meeting for Diabetes, but I did not want that to stop me. I went in with an open mind knowing it may or may not be the thing for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. We ended the evening laughing about our clever sugar-free dessert creations.

I have recently moved to a new location and I’m anxious to meet new people. Although attendance at our group meeting was slight last night, it was a good way to get out and be social. In addition, here are some other highlights:

  • Learning what others have experienced and how they handled certain situations
  • Discovering research that I have not been exposed to in my umpteen hours at the computer each week
  • Recommendations for further education and medical support (especially helpful when you’re new to the area)
  • Being a part of your community where you share common interests, successes, plights, and discoveries.

I personally discovered three new very important things for me to pay attention to improve my overall Diabetic health: (It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different; foods and medications will affect one person slightly differently than the next)

  1. Steak can take longer to break down, and you may require insulin, and/or an extended bolus, with a steak meal. Not something I ever paid much attention to, but I will be testing my blood sugars after a steak meal next time to see how I react.*
  2. Where your insulin is injected will affect how well it is absorbed  and utilized by your body. Certain types of insulin work better when injected in fatty tissue (like your belly), whereas others do not need the fatty tissue (as in your thighs).*
  3. Fructose may be a cause of Diabetes and can have negative effects because it is broken down in the liver. This article about sugar substitutes by Kenneth Chang briefly mentions this possible negative effect of fructose.

*The best thing to do is talk to your doctor and/or Diabetes educator to find out how these things might have an effect on you, and what the best treatment is for your health and Diabetes.

About Meredith
My name is Meredith and I am a Type I Diabetic. Through many struggles I have learned what works and what does not work for treating my Diabetes. I wanted to create a place where other people could learn from the experiences of a Diabetic, in addition to advise from others in the Medical profession.

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