Reaching Your Goals

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. I was lucky enough to spend the day with wonderful family and friends and listen to music synchronized with the fireworks while we ate, drank, and laughed with each other.

Luckily I drank plenty of water before bed last night, but I had a bit of uncomfortable headache this morning. Nothing that more water didn’t fix, thank God! But I felt very droopy and lacked energy. I wanted nothing more than to stay in my warm bed under the covers, even though the morning light was eagerly coercing my eyes open.

My routine typically involves coffee usually before anything else, followed by dressing and mentally preparing for my gym workout. The coffee wasn’t helping much, so I decided to have my breakfast first. With fuel for the system, I would normally be ready to go, but not this morning. I sat after I ate, reading the news on my phone, reluctant to move for anything. I was tired, and did not want to go outside or to the gym and exert any energy whatsoever. But I’ve done that before and I know the repercussions: I only feel like a lazy slob afterwards, and I usually wind up eating much more food than I need, because for some reason, the couch seems to take all my energy and my body’s ability to feel a full or even just satisfied stomach.

As hard as it was I got my A** up, got dressed and dragged myself to the gym. I began my warm up as I usually do- 10 min of cardio, and it went very sloooowwwlllyyy. That was the longest 10 minutes of my day, but then it got better. I was physically tired and not able to push myself as hard as I usually can, but I did it. I went through my entire workout routine without skipping even a rep. And though my muscles were certainly fatigued I bounced out of the gym to my car as I listened to an upbeat song that further brightened my day.

It was a great day! As hard as it may be, no matter how late you were up, or how many beers or skinny girl drinks you had, get up and get your butt out! Go burn some calories and get your blood flowing. The hardest part is leaving the house. I’ve had a day or two that I have gone as far as dressing for the gym with my kicks on and everything, and just not made it out the door because I gave in to that little lazy voice that was so loud in my head, telling me how good it would feel to stay home, sleep an extra hour, and eat that extra ____. UGGH. It always makes me feel crappy, and I have to remember that on those days when I just don’t seem to have the energy.

YOU WILL FEEL BETTER WHEN YOU GET OUT AND GET MOVING! JUST GET OUT THE DOOR. Besides, I know I had some extra Skinny Girl Margarita’s* to work off this morning after last night’s celebrating, and you probably do too. Here is your MOTIVATION: After a workout not only will you feel better, but you’ll be less likely to eat foods that are unhealthy because you don’t want to waste all your efforts. In addition, you’ll be closer to reaching you goal, be it weight loss, fitness or just good ol’ mental health. So keep going, no matter what you did last night, or how little you ate yesterday. Your perseverance will pay off!


*I’m a fan of these drinks because they’re good, low calorie, low carb, and they help me to enjoy nights out without the guilt by supporting my healthier, lower calorie diet. And I don’t get paid for saying that.

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My name is Meredith and I am a Type I Diabetic. Through many struggles I have learned what works and what does not work for treating my Diabetes. I wanted to create a place where other people could learn from the experiences of a Diabetic, in addition to advise from others in the Medical profession.

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